The Must Have Wardrobe List for 2021 (cold edition) - The Fussy Fashion Blog, You Didn't Know You Needed


(a). Not easily satisfied or having very high standards about particular things..

What makes you Fussy?  Is it your taste in clothes?  Are you a Fussy eater (we all know one)?  Maybe you're Fussy about your romantic partners, or the fashion blogs you follow..
All we know; is that we are all Fussy in our own way. It's what makes life so interesting. 
The fact is, that some of you might (I used this word very lightly) love this blog, & others think it's a waste of the 45 minutes I spent on a Monday night after MAFs to write it.  
Amirite... Haha anyways,
A key part of our brand identity, are the close relationships we are building with some of the incredible Australian designers we get to work with & through this Blog, we look forward to bringing you gals, some never before seen content, with unrivaled access to some of your fav (and soon-too-be-fav designers).  
But before I go on too much, I know you all came here for the title... so without further ado;

Your MUST-HAVE list for your 2021 Aussie Winter Wardrobe:

1 - Leather-look Jacket

Kendall in leather-look jacket winter fashion female 2021
Think Kendall Jenner with her leather look jacket, styled with grey boyfriend hoodie, strolling casually through the Autumn/Winter streets, looking for coffee.

2 - Good pair of Jeans

Jeans female fashion clothing winter cutouts dyed
We see you BabyBoo with those High Waisted Honey Crush Jeans... Now we know that everyone has their own fav's when it comes to Jeans, so make sure you comment yours so we can check them out.

3 - Long sleeve mini dress

mini long sleeve dress kylie jenner bodycon winter female fashion
If you LOVE Kylie in this, you need to follow @ FUSSYBOUTIQUES on the 'gram, because Winter is coming & so is our Long Sleeved Mini!

4 - Chic blazer

bella hadid chic blazer winter fashion female clothing clothes gigi cheek sheek
Bella never has an issue crushing a classic, like the Chic Jacket.  To be frank, she never really has an issue crushing anything she wears, but that's besides the point.  We think she looks amazing here, and so would you.

5 - Boots

Boots female winter fashion 2021 emily ratajkowski style
Em Rata, at it again.  This time showing us the reason you cannot leave boots off a must-have winter list.  I'm not sure who needs to hear this... but pack those boots in your weekend bag this winter!
One of the unique things about 2021, is it's the year after 2020...  Which means, for a lot of us there is a cupboard full of clothes we have barely worn, because let's face it, who changes out of active wear Mon - Fri, during a pandemic.
Hopefully this short list, gives you a simple backbone to revitalize your Winter wardrobe in 2021.  
One last thing for the boyfriends who got forwarded this blog ... Go through your partners cupboard & find out which of these she's doesn't have yet, & get her that.  This doesn't have to be difficult ( :